With an eye for communication though simplicity & strong typography, I've been crafting design solutions for clients worldwide as jonberrydesign since 2005.

Award-winning motion graphic designer/creative director Jon Berry

Before working as an independent motion graphics studio, I designed at WRIC-TV and KXAS-TV and then came to Los Angeles to be a part of ABC-TV's Video Design Group. That eventually led me to a new Scripps cable network called Fine Living, where I helped define the network’s progressive minimal look and feel from before its launch until its untimely demise.

Keys to my heart and mind include travel, modernism, kitsch, gourmet food trucks, rodeo, Eurovision, and the LA Galaxy, but the fastest way to win me over is with good kerning or a just good Weissbier. Or both.  

As a side hustle, in 2014, I opened an online store/creative project of art, apparel & goods inspired my neighborhood, the eclectic surfing spot of El Porto in Manhattan Beach, California. Check it out at osoporto.com



  • 10 Emmy Awards
  • 49 Telly Awards
  • 10 International Design Awards, Broadcast Design
  • 8 BDA International Awards
  • 5 Promax Awards
  • 3 Creativity International Awards
  • 6 Dallas Advertising League Awards
  • BDA/Quantel Professional Scholarship Award
  • 2 Virginia Association of Broadcasters Awards
broadcast design & creative direction for television or any screen


Less is more. Always. Clean, simple, forward-thinking design speaks volumes and doesn’t require bevels or light flares or whatever the trend du jour may be.

Simplicity is minimal. jonberrydesign is small, but concentrated. That means you get the power of great design without the frustration and expense of a bureaucracy. Call or email and Jon will respond. No receptionists. No agents. No BS.  Simple.


Wisdom is knowing that design is about communication, not making things look pretty. Great design means something. It elicits a response. It sends a message, builds a brand, leaves a lasting impression.

Wisdom comes from experience. Experience in every aspect of the broadcast and entertainment industry, from graphic design to team management to client service. 

Experience that has resulted in broad technological expertise, a timeless design sensibility, and a true understanding of demographic targeting. 


It’s always a little surprising how often clients say "thanks for being so nice about this." It’s a designers job to create and explain what he believes to be the best solution for your project. That doesn’t have to be done with a condescending glance over teeny black eyeglasses.

Design need not come with a "designer attitude". Clients have opinions. Things change. No big whoop.

Good is fun. Let's make good.