rodeo wrapup

Back in LA now, but to catch up on the weekend, it was a great time. The Ft Worth Rodeo had a larger crowd than the last few years, which was good to see. The food was typically outrageous (big, good, and fattening), with visits to my favorite place in Texas: Ponder!, as well as Lambert's in Fort Worth, Sonny Bryan's Barbecue, and Mama's Daughter's Diner. But all that was really just the icing on the cake - the weekend was really about being with friends. I stayed with my friend Myron in Dallas and several friends were in from out of town for the weekend as well. On top of that, I was able to run into a few old friends from when I lived there and make some new ones as well. Not much more you can ask for. Next up rodeo-wise: Ft Lauderdale in April. And oh yeah, there were a few animals there too, Dad.