I have to apologize if this post is a mood killer, but this is such a strong piece (and so different than we would ever see in the US) that it deserves notice. today featured a recent PSA by Saatchi & Saatchi Paris for the French Alzheimer's Association. Its a bravely honest and brutally powerful glimpse at the ugliness of Alzheimer's. No sugarcoating, but then again, the French have never been known for sugarcoating. AdFreak compares it to a British PSA, which in fairness is probably similar to what we would typically see in the US. Its pretty clear which one leaves the lasting impression. It reminds me of a professor in one of my design classes making the point that design is about communication, not making things pretty. If the message isn't pretty, the design shouldn't be either.

French Alzheimer's Association: "Fortunately" French vs British Alzheimer's Ad