I admit it, I'm a truckoholic. My friend Lauraine is actually the one who had to tell me that today, and it seems she's right.  My love for LA's tweeting gourmet food trucks is no secret, but today was crack for my addiction. Today was the kickoff of the new LAX food truck lot (They keep calling it the Century lot - which makes no sense. I heard several people today saying they had no idea where the lot was because they didn't know what or where Century was. Even one of the trucks tweeted that it was many miles away from where the lot actually was because of the Century confusion. Clearly some business chamber is forcing the name, to their own detriment... but I digress...)  So the new food truck lot at LAX kicked off today with nine, yes 9, of the best food trucks in town. Luckily for me, I had already tried several, so it made it easier to choose and go for ones that I hadn't. My friend Alan met me for it, and we started with @worldfare. World Fare is a the first bustaurant - its a double decker bus converted to a food truck. Their specialty is Bunny Chow, a South African food; but unfortunately they ran out of the key ingredient when we came up to the window. We still sampled their Truffle Mac n Cheese balls and some tomato soup. (Do I even have to say they were great?) We wandered over to the @kabobnroll Mediterranean truck. My Chicken kabob pita was great, but huge. Really huge. Alan went for the falafel. And just to get in another taste, I also tried a Kung Pao Chicken taco from @donchowtacos. It was good, but I definitely need to try some of their other Chinese/Mexican fusion to get a better taste of their fare. Suffice it to say it was the only food I ate today. The LAX truck lot is supposed to  be an every Tuesday thing. The crowd was great today - several trucks sold out. I hope the crowds continue to be good enough to support it for a while. If they can figure out where it is.