less is so much more

I wanted to post this on Monday, but didn't get the chance. Since then, it seems that everyone else has, but it's really so well done that I don't mind adding to the echo chamber - it deserves it. This video, designed and animated by Buck, was part of the keynote at the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference on Monday and is yet another one of those "I wish I had done that" pieces. (I guess thats also known as inspiration, huh?! Even my Dad sent me a link to it that day.) Through well-thought usage of minimal design elements, good writing, and brilliant sound design, the piece highlights Apple's mission and values, while introducing their new advertising tagline "Designed by Apple in California." It also ties well to Apple's recent advertising that smartly focuses more on emotion and experience than on hardware. It's a perfect example of going a step (or few) beyond the 'show everything' approach and letting the viewers mind - and heart - finish the thoughts, which only makes it even more personal. That's a risk few companies will take, so Apple deserves credit for going with it. (Even with the typo.) Watch it here: Intention