en masse

Oh hai.  Yeah, I forget I have a blog to keep up with sometimes.  But when I'm on vacation, there's a lot less of an excuse for neglecting it... (or do I have that backwards?!)  Anyway, I'm on vacation. That in itself is kind of a rare thing. Its pretty rare that work doesn't come along with me, but somehow I've managed to hit deadlines and deliver the last show package (for my awesome pals at E!) and be done without more new elements or changes needed while I'm here (so far.) Its honestly so unusual that its freaking me out a little. But thats a good thing.  My friends Myron and Andrew and I are in Provincetown for Bear Week. Myron and I came 3 years ago, but it took a few years to be ready to come back (some say the SF and LA bears are to blame for that - probably true - but since I guess I'm a CA bear too, thats a bit awkward.) Anyway, we're here. Our house rental turned out to be pretty amazing - a great place, right on the bay and in the middle of everything; and I think we're showing Andrew a good time for his first one.  I got to spend some time with my buddy Spike in Boston on the way here and will have some catch up time there afterwards.  But we're still in the early part of the week, so what to say is kinda hard to know... (and I may or may not have had a couple Moscow Mules while writing this.)  The main event of every day is the afternoon "tea dance" - which is really just a huge group of guys drinking Planters Punch on a deck by the sea (rough life, huh?) and easily the best part of every day.  And its almost that time, so I might as well finish this post so we can can get off to it! More to come...  wheeee!