step, repeat

Just a quick update... Nothing too exciting to report as every night has been almost a repeat of the one before. With a long (and great) show of the jury performances one night and then the live tv version the next night, and then being out late into the morning after, I'm nothing short of exhausted. And I'd kill for a fresh haircut at this point. ;)  I will say that I am glad for the different views from different sections I've had (albeit not planned that way), though the most fun was definitely the one night I was with my friend Matt, as its been a bit of a lonely experience to take in by myself. Still, no regrets. Glad for the experience. The live finals is tonight (noon if you're in the US on the west coast - - though you can always watch it later as well there.) Its a great show this year (I can say that since I saw it last night... but of course finding out who wins wasn't part of it - so plenty of excitement ahead.) Time to get off my butt and head out into the rain... here we go!