everything's rosy

When a friend gets tickets to the Wolfgang Puck suite at the UCLA game and texts to see if you want to go, you don't say no. And as many times as I've been to the Rose Bowl for one reason or another, I didn't realize til last night that I had never actually been inside it. Granted that going to a luxury suite and having primo parking may not be really getting the true experience, but I'm not complaining. We got there just as the game was getting started, but Andrew wanted to tailgate a bit first. Since I have no personal stake to UCLA, that was fine with me. Of course, he brought along Houblon Chouffe, a favorite beer of mine that some of my friends know often leads to me hugging bushes or who-knows-what by the end of the night. Sure enough, I was already feeling it by the time we went in (at halftime! - at that point they pretty much just waved us through all the gates.) We sat in a couple empty seats for a bit in front of the suite, but then felt like we were invading someone's space, so we decided just to camp out inside, which was where the food spread was anyway. We ended up having some laughs with a few others inside, and though they haven't been having the best year, the team ended up winning the game; not exactly a bad way to top off my first game at the Rose Bowl.