step outside

I delivered that 30x40 print taken for a new downtown office that I mentioned in an earlier post to my client today - and while I saw from the map that their office was in the Chinatown area, I didn't realize it was right in the central plaza. LA's original Chinatown was condemned to allow for Union Station to be built, and this "New Chinatown" was designed by Hollywood set designers and built in the 1930's. Stepping into it today was a bit of sensory overload, in a good way, but also a bit surreal to be in a normal businesslike office and then step outside into the theme park-like surroundings of the plaza. I've done the natural tourist visit or two to Chinatown while touring friends or relatives around town, but never really explored it beyond that. I was sorry I didn't have the time to do so today, but will have to make a mental note of it (or feel free to remind me.)