soul 2 seoul

Here are some scenes from our Monday impromptu trip into Seoul. The four of us who had arrived on Sunday made the trip in together. We had no real plan, but wanted to check out Zada Hadid's Dongdaemun Design Plaza, so once we got into the main train station, we jumped onto the subway, which was clean and efficient (as well as notably wide) which took us right to the Design Center. After some wandering and shopping there, we were in need of food. A shop owner had recommended the same Korean Barbecue Chicken place that I had found highly reviewed, so we walked a few blocks to find it. The sights along that short walk were one of the most interesting parts of the day. Not long after, we were back on the last bullet train of the day to get back to PyeongChang and be ready for work the next day. It's easily one of the most eventful first days I've ever had at an Olympics, but no regrets at all after after a day that full.