time flies

As much as anything, this is a post to let Mom know I made it safe and sound. (Hi Mom!) Yesterday (or maybe the day before? My day and time sensors are a bit confused right now) I jumped on a place for South Korea to join the crew for some work on my seventh Olympics. It was my first time flying out of the new Tom Bradley Terminal at LAX, and also my first time on an A380, so I got to check the boxes for those new experiences. The terminal is impressive, and one of my favorite things was the art piece hanging above the security check-in that resembles a stadium scoreboard. Though in conversation last night with my friend Vic, neither of us were sure if that's actually an art piece or if it's an actual information screen setup that's just in the middle of renovation. I'm hoping the former. I did a little research before flying and had read a tip that if you booked a window seat in the upper deck of an A380, the configuration gives you a little extra space and a side compartment. Consider that your traveltip portion of this post. I flew into Seoul and then it was a couple hours ride to PyeongChang. Unfortunately that was (naturally) in the dark, so I haven't seen much of the surroundings yet. Today is our day to acclimate to the time and climate (and brrr. it's really cold.) so time to get a lay of the land and then work starts up tomorrow. Stay tuned.