workin' it

As we enter the last week of Olympics, I figure I better get around to posting some of the work I've been up to here. The question I get most often from friends and family when working an Olympics is "how can we tell what you did?"  There isn't always an easy way to show or tell, though I've probably been a bit better at it in the past. This is my seventh Games, but I only join in on-site and in the weeks just prior to the games. The broadcasts for the Games are primarily the design of Art Director Dave Barton and a crew of talented folks from NBC Sports who have been working for many months on it before I ever join in - so anything I do is as much their design as it is mine. These are a few frames from some of the pieces I've done for this Olympics - I seem to have very much latched onto the patterns that are part of the look and reference back to what I was showing in the earlier post about their prevalence in architecture and products here. Keep watching, there's still more to come.