You may have noticed that I have added a few of my favorite blogs to my links list on the right. is a blog I stumbled upon, one of what they call the Blog-LA-sphere - in that it is based on Los Angeles-centric content. Its full of fun and interesting observations about LA current events and general life in LA. is similar, but with a slant towards the South Bay. For those of you outside of the LA area, the "South Bay" refers to the area stretching from where I live - Manhattan Beach, along with the other 'Beach Cities' of Hermosa and Redondo Beach, plus Palos Verdes, San Pedro and other inland areas bordering these. I don't know if that counts as part of the Blog-LA-sphere or not.

And finally, my Dad's blog. Dad's blog is a little schizophrenic (uh oh, now he's gonna be offended) in that it has two directions - part his DNA/Geneology project that occupies a lot of his time and interest, and part his general life of travels, grandkids, etc that occupies the rest. I guess since together they are his interests, its not so schizophrenic after all. I will admit, as a guy who barely made it through math class and to this day can't balance a checkbook (or just won't - fear of numbers), I'm lost and clueless on his DNA posts, but I love the other slices of life he throws in.

These, together with a few others listed are part of my "Blogarhythm™." I thought I was a genius when I came up with that word, until I googled it. The first hit on Google was a blogpost that said "I thought I'd just come up with the word 'blogarhythm' but Google has trillions of hits." Oh well. Enjoy them anyway.
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