guten tag

whew. Made it! Been a crazy last few days... In the interest of getting as much work done before leaving the US, I slept all of 4 hours for the two days before leaving, including a complete allnighter before leaving LA Wednesday morning. I dunno how my body puts up with me. On the plus side, I figured that would help me sleep on the plane (which I rarely can do) and put my schedule more toward the clock for when I got here in Munich. Sure enough, I did sleep on the plane, so I got here thinking I had adjusted to the time since I arrived Thursday morning. I proceeded to UBahn (subway) my way to my hotel, promptly getting lost by going the opposite direction when I exited the UBahn station. doh! There has to be a trick to figuring out your direction when you come up from underground - if so, I haven't figured it out. Anyway, I eventually figured out where I was, which also happened to be right in front of a tram that would take me to where my hotel was. whew. Not long after checking in and buying some snacks and drinks I had never heard of at a market around the corner (my preferred way of eating when traveling), I was asleep again. I guess my body was making sure it knew who was in charge. Its night now, but hopefully I can catch some food in a late restaurant and wander to a couple watering holes!
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