looking back

My friend Heith messaged me today to tell me he was amused at the line in yesterdays post about the car with the backward seat. He said he grew up in a station wagon with a seat like that in back - when he mentioned it, it reminded me that I did, too! (except I always thought it was fun to sit in that seat!) When I was a kid, our family had a Plymouth Satellite Regent station wagon. (Who came up with that name, anyway? Satellite, sure. Regent, sure. but Satellite Regent? What is that supposed to mean?) It was the same car that the Brady Bunch had. Ours was baby blue with plastic stickon wood grain on the sides. It was huge (though their ad calls it mid-size!) The seats were deep blue vinyl (notice the door in the bottom pic above). Mom and Dad drove our entire family of 6 on a three week excursion to and through Mexico in that car (they either deserve sainthood or to be committed for that one!), it took us on who knows how many trips to the beach and to Florida, not to mention cub scouts and the pool. And of course, to the Red Head gas station on either even or odd days during gas rationing. Thus brought the end of Plymouth's Satellite line of cars (and eventually Plymouth itself). Mom and Dad continued to buy Chrysler even to this day. Oddly enough, until now, I've never looked back at that car with any affection. I think the Satellite Regent, sign of an era that it may be, deserves some love.
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