sights and sounds

Not a whole lot to report here... For being home for the holiday, I've been strangely busy the whole time wrapping up loose ends that fell by the wayside due to that project I was working on right before leaving California (which came out great - details on that in January after it hits the air). Got a good chunk of stuff done today and yesterday though, so I'm in less panic than I was 12 hours ago. So for you, just some shots from small town Virginia. Edn (or is that Phantom?) playin on the floor; a sign at a Vets office we went by today (I still can't make sense out of that one. Read it twice.); and some shots from a dinner I went to tonight with Mom and Dad. It was at a little church in Berryville (yes, Berryville), the next town over from Winchester, for a concert of Dulcimer music by one of Mom and Dad's friends. Mom has a dulcimer group here in town she plays with regularly, so I got to meet a few of the members from her group. Though I have to admit I snuck out early to add my part to the 'Super Saturday' economy figures. I'd rather hear Mom play anyway.
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