There was a guy writing a message in the sky the other day. I couldn't get a good enough view to see what kind of plane he was using, but it seemed like he was going impressively fast - not like you'd expect a traditional beach banner or skywriting plane. Once it got to the point that it said "Tori &" I stopped watching. He was writing out "Tori & Dean" - meaning Tori Spelling and her husband - some actor named Dean that I've never heard of except for being married to her and having a reality show - I can't remember on what network. I'm not sure if the show is still around and this was a stunt that plays into some episode that was being filmed at the time or if it was some sort of promo for the show... or maybe just a plea for attention so people didn't forget about them? Who knows... Somewhat appropriately, it vanished after a few minutes.
Jon Berry2 Comments