here kitty

If you ever had dreams of owning "Kitt," the car from the cheezy 80's tv show "Knight Rider" that made David Hasselhoff famous, well...I'm afraid its too late. I stumbled onto this after the auction was already closed on Tuesday, but it seems that a seller in Carlsbad just sold the car on Ebay. It was also featured in the Knight Rider tv movie (who knew there was one?) and a 2006 Adam Sandler movie, not to mention the Nick & Jessica Variety Hour! I have to admit that I didn't really watch knight Rider as a kid, though I remember it and I'm sure I saw a few episodes. I actually caught some recently on some obscure cable channel at 3am, and have to say that my memory of the car seemed a lot cooler than it actually looked. In case you would have wanted to buy it for yourself: Though Kitt does have all kinda of airfoils and light screens, it has no warranty.
  • Ebay: 1984 Pontiac Trans Am Kitt
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