face time

Last Friday I finally bit the bullet and joined facebook. I'm not sure why I resisted so long, maybe because I didn't need yet another website account to try to keep up with. I had resisted myspace for a long time, but finally realized I should be on it for networking reasons if nothing else and joined. It turned out to be a miserable and pointless experience that just filled my emailbox with spam, not to mention the awful page layouts and cumbersome user interface. After several people over the last month or two told me I needed to be on facebook, I finally did when I happened to get an invite from my friend Rusty. So far, its everything I was hoping myspace would be - clean and easy to use and a surprisingly effective way of connecting with old friends you've lost touch with, as well as keeping tabs with your every day friends. When you spend all day on and off in front of a monitor, its easy to keep tabs on, but also easy to see how it could become a time waster, as my friend Bill warned. It will also be curious to see if it effects the blog. The blog has evolved beyond just work news and has become a way of letting people know what I'm up to or sharing some random thought, but facebook is set up even better for that without having to fully think or write out a long post. Most likely it will just be a method of sharing the blog plus a few other things and a method of connection, but we will see.