We've been doin a lot of shakin here the last couple days, so it seems like a good time for a public service announcement for those in quake country to update their earthquake kits and be aware of what to do if one happens (and for those outside of quake country, the kit isn't a bad idea for you if you might get a tornado or hurricane etc). I'm the worst at keeping up my own kit, so I'm no example on this - do a better job than I do. The easiest and best thing to do is to have water on hand - fill up some extra old 2 liter soda bottles and keep em handy. And take a look around right now to see where you'd go. Years ago they used to say to go for a doorframe. Then when I was in Police Academy, they taught us to do the Triangle of Life. Neither of those are recommended now - today its "Drop, Cover & Hold On." The best place to be is under something sturdy like a desk or table. If that isn't handy, sit against an interior wall without a lot of pictures or things that could fall and cover your head with your arms. If youre in bed, stay there; but cover your head with a pillow. As for your kit, the basics are water, flashlights, food and money (small bills). Medical supplies and even tools are a good idea too. Ideally have enough to last you 2 weeks. Check out more info on the links below. Hopefully you'll never need it, but with the shaking yesterday and more expected on the 10-12th, you gotta wonder if Mother Nature would say "I warned you." Make Your Own Preparedness Kit Earthquake Safety Checklist