look, mom

Its a long time overdue, but I finally have posted a reel of my work from the London Olympics last year, or as I could probably call it: "Look Mom, here's what I did at the Olympics". If you know me or have followed the blog, you know that every two years since 2006 I've been lucky enough to spend a few weeks as a part of the on-site design team for NBC Olympics. The NBC Olympics team works for months in-house developing the broadcast look and elements for each Olympics and then adds additional designers for a couple weeks prior to and the weeks during the games. It's a grueling and challenging gig even if just for the schedule, but one I really enjoy for a lot of reasons, especially because of the really great crew of people to work with. During the Games, I (and many others) are mainly responsible for "bumpers" and other daily graphic needs for that day's broadcasts, while in the weeks leading up to the games we work on sponsored elements and extending other parts of the package that may need additional elements or development. The look for London, designed by NBC Olympics' David Barton, played strongly on the lines and angles of Great Britian's Union Flag, the glow of sunny skies to bring a feel of daytime and summer, along with glass/refraction and a brilliant damask pattern designed by Ian Bonilla.  The team is led by Art Director John Schleef, Creative Director Mark Levy, and Graphic Engineering Director Phil Paully. Check out a reel of some of my small contribution to the package by checking out the reel under "featured work" or by clicking here.