go fly a kite

I'm a bit of a planner - even just mentally planning my day ahead, so I'm notorious to some of my friends for freezing when plans completely change unexpectedly. I've become conscious of it, so sometimes I make an effort to learn to go with things instead of defaulting to my normal "no I can't go." Yesterday my friend Michele texted to let her know if I felt like going down to the beach to fly kites before it got dark. I said I'd let her know (she knows my process and we both probably expected that'd be a no.) It took me a half hour to stew on it, but then I said "sure, lets go." The winds were strong enough to sender her whale kite in loops and then break the string and send it to one of the houses on the strand while the octopus she lent me continued to sail proudly. But no fear, she had backups, too. So as the sun set, we got to hang with some kites on a windy day at the beach. Why would I say no to that? For me it was a good lesson.