comfort station

When I dropped off the blog almost a year ago, I was in the midst of a trip for Eurovision (best thing ever!) and had just posted when leaving Munich to head to Paris for a weekend before coming home from there. Paris is one of my favorite places, but that visit became one of those stops that often happens on my trips where I fall victim to my own comfort or laziness. The apartment I had was absolutely perfect, and at that point I was almost a bit too comfortable sitting and working in the living room with the windows open to the constant scooters buzzing by and general life in the streets flowing in. I even never saw the Eiffel Tower that visit (which isn't a big deal since I've seen it plenty, but it just seems odd to me.) I did force myself to get out in the daytime a couple times (going out at night for me is no problem, of course.) The great thing about Paris is that you can be in one neighborhood and just wander for a couple hours and you will see tons of cool and interesting things. I just need to be careful about getting so comfortable that I miss them.