greetings from down under

Now that the Olympics have already started, maybe its time I put a blog post up huh? I can't believe how fast the first two weeks here flew by. We really hit the ground running and I've probably already done more design for the broadcasts that I'm stoked about than I usually have at this point in an Olympics. So far, the late night open and package is my favorite contribution. I'll try to post more about what I've done sometime later (Hi Mom!). The Broadcast Center as well as the Olympic Park are now full and brimming with people, but these pics are from the first week or two, when it was pretty different. Our hotel is brand new and definitely tops Sochi as the nicest accommodation of any Olympics I've worked, and despite our usual work-sleep-work-sleep routine, we have made it out a couple times for some pretty amazing food and maybe a caipirinha or five. Today we may try a little field trip after work to get out of our Olympic Park bubble. More to come on that if we do.