I spent the day Saturday driving around Orange County to shoot photos for another bank branch location, but since I knew the fall installment of SoCal Corgi Beach Day was back at Huntington Dog Beach that day, I had to make a stop. I got there as they were doing a bubble release and owners were holding their dogs up to catch 'em. Whether there's any truth that they were bacon flavored bubbles, I don't know. Then I just did some wandering among the crowd to snap some pics of the pups and sneak in more than a few pats and scratches. Maybe corgis are used to having their pics taken, but they seemed especially happy to walk up to me whenever I held out the camera. Of course, maybe they thought I had treats in my hand. The waves were crashing a bit fiercely, so there weren't as many pups taking a swim, but no shortage of fun and play on a pretty perfect SoCal beach day.