rail pass

I took a hooky day last week with my friends Jon and Al and spent a few hours among the roller coasters at Six Flags. I originally had told them I couldn't join them, but two projects ended up being out to clients for review at the right time, so at the last minute I was able to jump in and go. You should get used to seeing a lot of pics from there over the next year. Six Flags has a season pass flash sale around Labor Day where a loaded pass goes for less that one days admission. I regretted not jumping on it last year, so this year I made sure that I did. These pics are from a first visit back in September as well as last week. This makes my third use of the pass when you include the trip to Six Flags in DC a few weeks ago, so I'm off to a good start. The park was virtually empty last week, so it was easy to just walk on pretty much any ride. We got a pretty good sampling in by the time we decided we (well, mainly me) were too banged up to bother with more, so we called it a day. It sucks getting old, but still plenty more rides ahead.