what a weekend, part 2

Part 2 of my whirlwind weekend was my annual Birthday Beach Beerz Bevz Brunch & Bikez pub cruise. Knowing that it isn't everybody's kinda thing, I generally just sort of "put the invitation out there" every year, and never know what to expect in terms of who will show - which is fine because it's perfectly fun even if its just me and a couple friends. So when it ends up being a bigger group than I expect, or unexpected friends come along, that just makes it even more fun. True to form, that was the case this year. We started our day at Dia de Campo in Hermosa.  Since it was a Sunday, I started a little earlier and added brunch in, (but I completely forgot to snap any pics there. Doh). After that, we hopped on our bikes and trekked down to one of my favorite spots in the South Bay - Old Tony's in Redondo. I have no idea how many mai tais we consumed there, but you get to keep the glass, and I could swear my friend Danny walked out with what looked like a stack of 25 or 30 glasses. That the group at one point broke out in a Whitney Houston song with half of the bar clapping along probably shouldn't be a surprise. That alone was enough for a perfect ride, even though it was only 2 stops. As the years go by, I've found we also go fewer places and stay longer, because we're having too much fun or enjoying the places - so fewer stops is by no means a bad thing. Nonetheless, we made a quick stop at the arcade on the pier and Naja's Place in Redondo and then biked back up to Hermosa to end the night with some food (well, and drinks) at Tower 12. It may have gone on longer than expected, but it was a pretty perfect day. (I'll post some more pics tomorrow that my friend Steve took of the day, too - his pics are a lot better than mine!) Thank you to everyone in the group that came along this year, it really was a blast.