industrial strength

Lately I've been working on a project that is kinda fun in how out of the ordinary it is for my usual work. A local interior design firm found a photo I had done of the CalTrans Building and asked about getting a large print for a conference room of a downtown office they were doing. The original file was too small, but I offered to reshoot it. They mentioned they also had more similar offices around LA upcoming that they would be looking for prints for if I happened to have shots of other areas. I didn't, but it sounded like a fun challenge, so I've been shooting different areas around LA and SoCal for those. Places like Pasadena have obvious landmarks and visual cues, but other places are a bit more challenging. These shots are from my wandering through the City of Industry and towns nearby for an office there.  It's led me to discover some cool places I wouldn't have otherwise, so I'll probably post about a lot of these spots individually in the future posts. And tomorrow I'm heading to the Ontario/Rancho Cucamonga/Chino area - if you know of any landmarks or visual spots in that area, let me know!