go fourth

If you were around for previous years posts (before the blog died, that is) you know the Beach Cities turn into one big party for the 4th of July. Chalk it up to getting old, but instead of our usual early morning start with the Hermosa Beach Ironman, we made a later start of it this year. The beaches and bike paths were already full on my way down to Hermosa, where I met my friend Andrew and we hit a couple places before biking down to Redondo as the evening fell. (A side note: we happened to luck into Dia de Campo's Tuesday oyster special - and they were the best oysters I've had in a very long time. If you're in the area, its worth stopping by just for them.) In Redondo we headed to a fav spot in the crows nest of Old Tony's. After hovering a bit, we scored some seats and decided to just hang there for the fireworks. We already knew that the ceiling blocks the view, which is probably a good crowd control, but we were perfectly happy sipping our Mai Tais and watching the reflection of the fireworks in the glass before calling it a night and biking home.