one in a (half) million

Saturday I joined 5 or 600,000 other like minded souls for this years Women's March in LA. Joining in late and on my own, I mainly ventured right to and through Grand Park and into the rally at City Hall. I think we surprised ourselves by being the largest march in the country again this year, but while the crowd looked a little daunting from afar (and I did get into a few bottlenecks that were a bit claustrophobic,) I was surprised how relaxed and open the space was when I finally ventured closer toward the stage. The rally itself featured a plethora of performers and speakers in a pretty impressively choreographed and scheduled lineup of short speeches and songs. Of course, I was personally amused by the bacon wrapped hotdog vendors throughout the march - you may remember from an earlier post my delight at the beer vendors in the protest march I accidentally found myself in São Paulo. While I may have preferred a beer vendor, the bacon wrapped hot dog is pretty much the unofficial symbol of LA, so it was only fitting. I didn't partake though, instead capping the day off with a visit to Spitz (doner!!), a couple beers at Precinct, and a stop at Grand Central Market before heading back to the beach. Not the worst kinda downtown day.