takin' it to the streets

The anniversary of the first Women's March seemed like a good time to post some pics from last year (that I failed to post then.) As I mentioned before, it was a last minute decision to join in last year. For whatever reason - maybe news fatigue - I remember not feeling motivated for it. It was actually posts from family members in other parts of the country who were making a much bigger travel effort to go in DC that made me feel like I was being silly not to make the trip downtown. And I don't think anyone expected the massive crowd of 750,000 that turned out in LA. While I was glad I went, I did feel a little detached from it - which was perfectly fine; this wasn't my march, I was there to support and was happy to do so. I was heartened by the stories and reaction I heard from ladies along the way. It wasn't until seeing coverage on the ride home and the next day that it felt as meaningful for me to know that I had been a part of it all. Perspective helps.