alternate route

It's been a bit busy here, as you can probably imagine. I haven't lacked for things to snap pics of or write about, but just for finding the time to post them. We're usually making the most of our hours outside of our work shifts, even if that just means doing laundry or getting sleep. The other day, a few of us on the night shift decided to walk to work instead of taking our usual shuttle bus as a way to get in a bit of "sightseeing" just from the walk itself. We only had an hour for the walk, which wasn't enough for a leisurely walk with stops, so the last half of it ended up being a fast paced rush to get to work in time (luckily, we did.)  Still, it broke the pattern of being on a bus, and gave us plenty of cool sights along the way. Here are some slivers to share the view.