it's all downhill

"You guys want to go skiing?" is not the kind of text message I'm used to being woken up with. More surprising to me was seeing texts from two co-workers immediately say "sure." I had questions. Would we really have time before work? How much was it going to cost? Was I going to die? As tempted as I was to  roll over and get some more sleep, I had a feeling that I'd be sorry if I missed it, so I reluctantly joined in. We are basically staying at a ski lodge after all. I haven't skied in 25 years. I don't think they even had snowboards then. I expected to have more time and space in some sort of bunny slope or beginner area to practice and figure out what I was doing, but before I knew it, I was already on a ski lift. These are bigger than the ones I remember from Virginia, and here they bow as you get off the lift. I was a little worried what I had  gotten into during my first ride up, but by the time I got to the bottom of the hill (slowly,) the basics were coming back to me. After a couple more times, it was starting to get fun. We fit in another run or two, but also noticed they had tubing rides here too, so we decided to squeeze in one ride down on those before we had to change and catch our bus to work. It had been so long that skiing was not really something I expected to do again, maybe ever; but now I'm ready to go again (but still just on the bunny slopes, please.)