coast isn't clear

I've moved on to Melbourne now for the next chapter of my down under tour, but the day before I left Sydney, I trekked out to my friend Carsten's place for a walk along Tamarama and Bronte Beach. While comparisons between Sydney and LA are common, I was struck by how much it looked and felt like California to me. The original plan was to do a coastal walk up to Bondi, but unfortunately the rain had other ideas. At least the clouds made for some nice pics. My walk home later took me through some pretty cool streets I hadn't seen before in Paddington, and then I capped the night off with dinner at the Rocks with my pal John. Definitely a good taste of Sydney squeezed into a last day there, and I have to say, having three unrelated friends in town to do different meals with (the worst part of traveling alone, I think) or otherwise hang out with here or there really did make Sydney a more fun experience. Thanks, guys.