mardi to the party

I hardly know where to begin to describe my Mardi Gras in Sydney. First off, I should explain that over 40 years, Mardi Gras here has grown and changed from its original protest march in June 1978 to a 2 or 3 week festival in February and March - the main event is the Saturday night parade, and it's that day that most who live here refer to as Mardi Gras. I met up with Matt (Canada!) and friends for a few drinks before things kicked into high gear at a pub off the main strip. I then joined my friend Carsten and friends for a viewing party during most of the parade. We were able to watch from the roof there, but after a while we decided to join the crowd on the street, which was more festive, and by that time, we were only 3 or 4 rows back as people were moving on to other spots. Sydney's parade strikes an interesting balance in that most of the groups still have a political message, yet show it in a festive theme. (Compared to marches in the states with generally just commercial or party-themed floats, etc.) After the parade, Carsten and co. moved on to the big party and I met back up with Matt & friends, ending up back at the same pub we started in for a couple more beers to cap off the night. Sunday kicked into high gear early for me. I had bought a ticket weeks ago to a drag brunch/bingo (I mean,  why not?!) And ended up making new friends on the roof in the sort-of after party that developed afterward. After a few more stops and some doner later, and I called it an early night. Sydney definitely knows how to party, and I had gotten my fair share.